Who Am I?

Hi, I am a systems engineer at a “Sales Enablement Company” called Brainshark. Currently my role focuses on Infrastructure and building automation tooling with Powershell and Azure Resource Manager Templates

On ocassion I will dabble with javascript, C#, or python, and docker. I really just enjoy working on helping others figure out what they can do to better their workflows and allow for their jobs to be made easier and more repeatable in an automated fashion.

I started my journey into operations and infrastructure around the age of 14 when I decided I wanted to manage, maintain, and configure various video game servers for myself and friends. When I built my first server and was able to log in and play I realized I was doing something cool!

Currently, I have been spending a lot of time automating the cloud and building out things a little more complex than game servers. I am excited to share some of the cool projects I am working on and hopefully help others find better ways of doing things or even just seeing your opinions and ideas based on what I share!